The Digital Control System for 2* 2.4MT Pelletizing Plant of Qian’an Jiujiang is Put Into Online

Recently, The Digital Control System for 2* 2,400,000 ton Pelletizing

Plant of Qian’an Jiujiang Steel Wire Company is put into production successively. In this project, Soly contracts the automation system design, instrumentation, DCS, construction, and L2 platform construction of the two pelletizing production lines. The L2 platform mainly includes functional modules such as production report board, production information, inspection management, ingredient management, and intelligent control.

The L2 model calculates, optimizes the control parameters which are directly downloaded to the PLC, so as to complete the upper and lower connection between the L2 and the automation equipment, providing rich reference information and decision-making basis for the front-line production personnel, and truly realizes that the data are transparent and cannot be changed manually. Through the construction of L2 system, the pelletizing plant is provided a unified platform for comprehensive production management and intelligent control, realizing the management systematization, information digitization, intelligent control, and on-site visualization of the pelletizing process; it promotes changing the pelletizing production management mode, which has improved the intelligent manufacturing level of pellet enterprises.

Since 2003, Soly Technology developed the first full-process of grate-rotary kiln-ring cooler automation control system, and has been deeply engaged in the field of pelletizing automation. In the past few years, it has successively completed control systems with independent intellectual property rights such as Fujian Sanming belt pelletizing control system and Hegang Laoting New District belt pelletizing control system. Automatic pelletizing control system is always the business card of Soly. 

Post time: Jun-30-2022