Intelligent Beneficiation

Short Description:

The beneficiation automatic control system is based on the principle of “simplicity, safety, practicality and reliability” to keep abreast of the operating conditions of the equipment in the process and changes in the process parameters, optimise the process, ensure stable and safe operation of the process, reduce operating costs, improve the management level and enable long-term normal and stable operation and achieve the best benefits.

Product Detail

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System functions

Centralised control system for crushing.

Remote operation of unloading trucks.

Automatic control system for grinding and classification.

Mill option one-touch start/stop control.

Flotation machine level control.

Automatic control of flotation dosing.

Tailings conveying control systems.

Beneficiation water supply (new water, loop water, return water) control.

System highlights

Unattended crushing belt systems.

Optimised control of process volumes for grinding classification, with reasonable matching of first and second stage grinding capacities.

One-touch start/stop for grinding options, energy saving and consumption reduction.

System highlights
System highlights2
System highlights3

System Effectiveness Benefit Analysis

Unattended, one-touch start/stop to enhance production management.

Long and stable operation of equipment and improved equipment management.

Improving the working environment for personnel and safeguarding occupational health.

Optimise production process control and improve production efficiency.

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