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Belt conveyors are the “big artery” connecting different processes in the beneficiation production, which occupies a very important position in the production. Whether conveyors can operate normally and effectively directly affects the stable and smooth running of the whole plant.

The unattended belt conveyor system removes the custodial posts and realizes the unattended belt conveyor system through effective technical and management means; and establishes a new production organization mode, implements a professional spot inspection and cleaning system, and the belt conveyor system can stably run in long term.

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Video surveillance for remote monitoring

Set up cameras at important locations to realize remote monitoring of key locations.

Set up cameras at important locations to realize remote monitoring of key locations.

Automation technology ensures belt conveyors can stably run

Install the detection and protection devices such as belt deviation, slippage and material blocking which are connected to the control system to realize real-time monitoring and controlling the running status of the belt conveyors.

Strengthen belt conveyor management

To realize unattended belt conveyor running, in addition to necessary technical means, it is necessary to strengthen the management to realize the long-term stable running.

The unattended belt system can bring huge economic and management benefits:

Reduce the number of posts and save labor costs;

Reduce the problems of material loss and belt deviation, and reduce the labor intensity of cleaning and on-site processing problems;

The belt operation efficiency is improved, the downtime is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved;

By the control of dust, material loss, and deviation, the custodial posts are cancelled, the occupational diseases probability is reduced, and the accidents caused by belt are eliminated.

System Effectiveness Benefit Analysis

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