Intelligent truck dispatching system for open-pit mines

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The intelligent dispatching system for open pit trucks makes comprehensive use of global satellite positioning technology, wireless communication technology, cloud technology, artificial intelligence and data analysis, and is based on the theory of co-ordination and optimisation to automatically dispatch production equipment in real time to achieve the goal of efficient, safe, intelligent and green mining.

The system establishes a new production management mode that integrates safety control, intelligent scheduling and production command, realising digital, visual and intelligent management of the mine, and is an essential part of building an intelligent mine.

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A management platform integrating advanced management concepts
The intelligent dispatching system for open pit trucks is based on more than 60 years of experience in mining production management and the implementation experience of nearly 100 mining projects at home and abroad, and is more in line with the actual management of mines.

Adjustable and fine-grained ore proportion management
The system is supported by the fifth generation of intelligent dispatching algorithms and the unique ore proportioning deviation adjustment technology, which enables fine ore dispensing management that can be adapted to actual production conditions.

Stable & durable hardware
Intelligent terminals designed in accordance with military standards can adapt to various harsh environments such as high temperature, low temperature, high altitude, high dust and high vibration.

Powerful extensions
The system has a wide range of hardware and software interfaces for data interfacing with all types of hardware and software.

System Effectiveness Benefit Analysis

System Effectiveness Benefit Analysis



  Appraised by Beijing Science and Technology Commission as "the first of its kind in China and internationally advanced"


Second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2007.


2011 Obtained the copyright of GPS truck intelligent dispatch system for open pit mining


2012 Patent for the invention of a high-precision GPS dental drill rig with automatic hole placement system


Second prize in the Science and Technology Award for Construction Materials in 2019.
In 2019, we obtained the certificate of registration of the computer software copyright of the "Intelligent Mine Distribution System for Open Pit Mining".

2019 "Research on Intelligent Fuel Control System and Key Technology for Open Pit Mine" Third Prize of Metallurgical Mining Science and Technology.

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