Solution for Hoisting Control System

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The hoisting system is an important link in the production process. Underground ores are transported to the bottom underground, and then lifted to the ground through the hoisting system. The hoisting system is the throat of mine transportation.

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System composition

The control system of the hoister mainly includes two parts: the main control system and the monitoring system. The main control system is responsible for coordinating and managing the operation and alarm tasks of the hoister, and realizes travel control based on detecting the exact position and speed of the hoisting container in the shaft; the hardware and software of monitoring system is independent of the PLC of the hoister main control system, which mainly completes judging sliding rope, over-rolling and over-speed, and realize the position and speed monitoring in the whole lifting process.

System effect

Seamlessly link the crushing system, complete the production interlocking operation;

A variety of operation modes are selected to improve the efficiency of production management;

Data detection in the whole process ensures smooth and stable production.

System effect

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